The Best Of All Xbox One Controllers? The Luxurious Way Of Gaming

I would go as far as saying that the Xbox One Elite controller is one of the most talked about gaming accessories on the market today and that is a big deal if you consider the mountain of various things that you can purchase in order to make your gaming set-up that little bit more special to you. I know for me personally back on my old gaming set-up my orange modded controller that could empty a semi-automatic clip insanely fast matching my orange Xbox 360, great times! But now, the Xbox One Elite; is it the best of all Xbox One controllers?


Upon opening the elegant clam shell carry case you will see for yourself that Microsoft has lived up to the hype and has paid extra attention to detail, the controller itself is simply striking to look at, its extremely slick and above all else it looks very well-made and it is clear that Microsoft did not intend to make these controllers out of cheapest of the cheap materials like the standard controller, instead of plastic rear paddles that will most likely break off the first time it slips through your fingers the plastic has now been replaced with metal, along with very effective rubber on the handholds.

In my personal opinion the sight of this controller is breathtaking, it is the meanest looking controller from a first-party console developer I have ever seen, like just looking at it sat there in it’s clam shell case eagerly awaiting the action just makes me want to pick it up and blast some zombies and on that topic I should note that upon picking up the controller my first observation was that it is noticeably heavier than the original.

The Layout

You might like to think that for all of these extra pounds you are spending that Microsoft would provide us with some additional buttons that we can programme specific functions to, wrong! It came as quite a surprise to me that the face buttons(ABXY) remain pretty-much the same as seen before on the original controller, don’t get me wrong the Elite controllers face buttons work and operate very well but I have always found myself not entirely happy with the face buttons, the material being at fault of this as I feel that my fingers sometimes slip from the buttons.

However on a brighter note the D-pad has been dramatically improved, before I felt like the original D-pad was slightly awkward and at times not very responsive but that has all changed significantly, the D-pad now has two metal attachments, you have a choice between keeping the cross shape or using the flat, metal pad which makes thumbing it in circles a walk in the park compared to that of the original!


Microsoft really has gone the extra mile in terms of customizability you can damn near take the whole thing apart! So, just how much exactly can we swap and change the accessories and parts of the controller? Long story short, a lot. There are now four slots for the new metal paddles on the rear of the controller and you can choose between two different lengths. The idea for this is that using the paddle length that is better suited to your own hands will take a lot of stress of your hands and lead to a much more comfortable experience and is especially noticeable when playing for more than two hours. As I mentioned earlier you can now customize your D-pad with a choice of the original cross shape or the new flat metal option.

Microsoft has taken customizability to a new level with their options for the analog sticks, you can expect to find no fewer than six swappable metal sticks; two tall, two normal-height and two tall sticks with domes tops which can provide us with enough options no matter what size your hands may be but it’s more than that, upon clicking the analog stick you can feel a nice clunk, in my opinion the analog sticks now feel so much more mechanical, and for that matter so does the whole controller.

Not So Great Things

With the Elite there is one main drawback and it is the price. At $150 it certainly is a bit pricey! Call me fussy but I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t think of including a rechargeable battery I feel for $150 it wouldn’t have been a lot to ask because I sure don’t want to purchase batteries every two weeks. As I mentioned earlier, I feel that the face buttons(ABXY) could still do with some work to make them as slick as the rest of the controller.


It definitely is a hard decision to make when looking at all the options and slick designing of the Elite with twelve attachments in total, a USB cable and the sleek carry-case. There is no other way of saying this, the Elite is a mega controller and when compared to the third-party custom controllers (which are also great) it just feels more authentic However, you are going to be paying $150 to take that slick clam shell home. So who should buy the Elite?

I feel that if you are someone who likes to have a bit of fun playing Xbox only on a Saturday night with friends then maybe it could be a bit too pricey and you may not get the full experience from the controller but for those of you consider yourselves as pro gamers this controller is an essential and will aid you on a daily basis, when holding this controller you know that it is special and you will love it.

If you have any more questions or have had experience with the Elite yourself, drop a comment! I love hearing from you, but that’s all for today I hope you enjoyed this review.



  1. It looks great – it makes me want to buy my son one. I’m not much of a gamer – but he plays on school breaks and he is renting his first house. No furniture – but he has a TV and an xbox.

  2. This is one mighty fine looking controller! I have the Xbox One Halo 5 Edition which looks pretty cool. I personally don’t play very often, so I wouldn’t fully appreciate all that the Xbox One Elite controller has to offer. I also would not want to spend that much money, since I only play a couple times month. (I’m more of a Nintendo kind of girl.) It’s also kind of a bummer that it doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries. You would think for that price you would get the hook up on the rechargeable batteries at least. It still looks like a great controller for a pro player or someone who just loves to play Xbox One and spends lots of time playing.

    • That’s great I’ve heard a lot about it, most of it good! Your right it does, It took me by supprise when I discovered that the batteries weren’t rechargable considering the price. Thanks for your time.

  3. That thing looks mean!!!!
    I’m glad you mentioned zombies. When you get to level 30 and your hands start sweating, that’s when the rubber pad will come in handy.
    But, and there is a but. $150, jeeze, I just don’t know if I could justify that, but then again the interchangeable stalks would be handy… I just don’t know.

    May just have to persuade my friend to get one first 😉

    • Definitely would benefit your hands in round 30 without a doubt! Yes it is a hefty price for a controller and it definitely isn’t worth it for many people who don’t get time to play often but for those who play everyday or more often than not may reap more benefit than others.Thanks for the comment I appreciate your feedback.

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